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Custom Potted Flower Arrangements for Your
Home or Business

We Provide

We design and create beautiful hanging baskets, pots, and urns from custom recipe's and premium seeds. We also offer a wide range of vegetables for your home garden. Our gorgeous flower arrangements beautify your home or office to brighten your life and warm your soul.


Choose from a variety of sizes and recipes to fit your unique personality, style and space! Our vegetables are started early so they're ready to plant as soon as the season begins. Creating the perfect home garden starts here.


Hanging Baskets

Elevate your curb appeal, bring your container garden to the next level. Brighten your home, liven your office, and scent the air with flowers.


Patio Pots

Decorate your boring patio by utilizing patio pots to add a splash of color and fresh spring scents.

Spiral Urns

Spiral Urns look great in or off a pedestal and make the perfect addition. Our elegant designs do the work for you!


Petunia Baskets

With an unmistakable sweet scent and unique petal shape, Petunias are a classic patio pleaser. You'll never go wrong here.



Vibrant, fragrant, and healthy, our flowers are custom arranged just for you. Imagine a pot of flowers that represents YOU perfectly.

Patio Pots

Fresh Vegetables from the garden are a must have in the spring and summer. Being healthy and happy starts here.

Purple Flowers

A Family-Owned Greenhouse

Canyon Creek Gardens

Spring and summer is a busy time for home owners and gardeners.  Cleaning the or sprucing up the yard, fixing sprinklers and planting flowers is an annual ritual for those who love to be outdoors.


Tim and AnnMarie John are just those sorts of people, who work hard, enjoy the beauty of nature and take time to smell the flowers.  Canyon Creek Gardens was created to help folks enjoy a gorgeous landscape while minimizing the fuss. 


Preparing for springtime starts a few months earlier when seeds, containers and supplies are ordered and the greenhouses are reconstructed. Team members create hand-crafted recipes and match them to a custom container. Potting soil is mixed to provide proper moisture retention and nutrients for the flower blend. Each recipe is potted and organized in the greenhouses to get careful attention over 6-8 weeks. Before you know it, thousands of flowers are blooming and ready for customers!


Then we watch as our hand-crafted recipes delight our customers as they select the perfect scenery for their outdoor project! We love to help our customers. As dedicated professionals, we enjoy answering questions and educating our clients on the amount of water and sunlight that are required, the best time to plant and how to maintain their plants through the rest of the year.



Whether indoor or outdoor, every home needs something colorful and living to bring a warmth that truly says home. When you come to Canyon Creek Gardens, our expert floral arrangers will offer you an array of flowers and plants to select from. We have hundreds of designer flower pots available, each with unique containers, baskets, and urns, and a wide variety of flower designs. Then bring home something that represents you, something that makes you smile, something that brings warmth and light, something that turns your house into a home.


Bright white lights, a hard metal desk, a cold tile floor, and a lasting headache. Is this your environment? It is scientifically proven that having plants in an office reduce stress, boost productivity, and even reduce absence rates. Maybe you're an employee wanting a happier workspace. We'll help you create something that will make your office a better place to work. Or maybe you're employer. We'll help you choose a selection of flowers and plants that will make your employees more efficient- and maybe consider changing those lights while you're at it.

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